Boring and Shameless Self Promotion - The Story Of The After Battery

In August 2004 two 'smokeboat' torpedomen, Steve 'Buddha' Nelms & David 'No Neck' Mueller, decided that they missed their earlier days in the Submarine Force. Gone were the card games and get togethers, the drinking of brown water and cold beer, eating good food, and last, but not least, hard-assing the troops.

The next week we had a card game with 6 people. We brought our own beer and a few bags of potato chips. We sat in a hot barn and swatted flies and mosquitoes. A fan blew the cards off the table - but we had a good time. We laughed and hard-assed everybody that was there. We knew then that we had to do this again and make it better and more comfortable. And so, The After Battery was born.

buddha Now, 10 years later we have central heat and air, a bar, a huge beer cooler, a galley, a 2 hole unisex head with a urinal that has Jane Fonda's picture in it, and more submarine memorabilia than a big horse can shit. We have the ship's bells from two different submarines, a sink from the torpedo room of another submarine and all the tools to make a Mk 14 Torpedo ready (like that's going to happen).

Every Wednesday night we have a social - we say a blessing, pledge allegiance to the flag, eat a fine navy supper, play poker, and bullshit. We've had oyster roasts, hog roasts, and boat reunions - some with 300 people in attendance. Our brothers from the New London area, the group that puts on the Old Salts Pig Roast in Rhode Island, have supported us too. They've been putting on big sprees for 25 years - we're just rookies. Our New London area friends have their Old Salts Pig Roast on the first weekend in August; we have ours on or about the first weekend in April. This covers the entire east coast for a yearly gathering of submarine sailors.

Between our two groups, we draw people from all over the country (even from the left coast). Many people attend both functions (with livers protesting).

no neck This place was built by submarine sailors and their friends. 'Their friends' covers a lot of folks - Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Canadian Submariners, and all types of civilians. There are no I's up here - just a long butt ton of we's. This place was built by donations and hard work by many people from all walks of life - not just we submariners.

We have an email list, and to be a member of The After Battery, just click on the Contact Us link at the top of this page and ask to be put on the email list (don't forget to include your first and last names). And if you are on the email list, we consider you to be a member. But a caveat - our emails may sometimes be in colorful submarine terminology that's not always fit to read at the ladies' knitting circle - if you get my drift. Now you've been advised.

We're affiliated with no other group. We've no national organization, no dues, no board of directors, no politicians and absolutely no 'Roberts Rules of Fucking Order'. Our philosophy is - we would love to have you join us - but if you don't like the way we do things then go down the fucking street. All of our functions are strictly by donation. We support all US Forces. God bless America.